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Our Team

Our team is managed by Frank D'Antonio, General Manager and Michael Sebulski, Culinary Manager

Frank D'Antonio General Manager

Frank D'Antonio


Frank D'Antonio, a seasoned professional with 36 years in the restaurant industry, serves as the General Manager at Bonifay Country Club within FMK Hospitality Group. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Frank has been an integral part of the FMK family for six years, having worked at various locations including Belle Glade and OBH before assuming his current role.


When Frank initially joined FMK, he started as an Assistant Manager, showcasing his dedication and expertise. Over the years, he has grown into the role of General Manager at Bonifay, where he oversees the operations with passion and commitment.


One of Frank's favorite aspects of being the GM at Bonifay in The Villages is the opportunity to meet and connect with new people. He finds joy in creating memorable dining experiences for friends and families, recognizing the profound impact that good food can have on bringing people together. Frank's extensive experience, coupled with his genuine appreciation for building connections, contributes significantly to the success and warm atmosphere at Bonifay Country Club.

Michael Sebulski


Michael Sebulski is a seasoned culinary professional currently serving as the Culinary Manager at Bonifay Country Club within the FMK Hospitality Group, located in The Villages, FL. Hailing from Palatka, FL, Michael has dedicated 15 years of his career to the restaurant industry, with an impressive 6-year tenure at FMK.


Throughout his journey with FMK, Michael has made significant contributions to various restaurants within the group. With a passion for crafting delectable dishes, Michael has become an integral part of the FMK team. His dedication and hard work have earned him the position of Culinary Manager, where he continues to bring innovation and excellence to the dining experience at Bonifay Country Club.


When asked about his favorite entrée on the menu, Michael reveals a personal preference for the Black & Blue Bowl. As for the guests' favorites, the Mango Chicken Bowl and Fish Tacos top the list, reflecting Michael's ability to create dishes that resonate with the diverse tastes of the patrons.

Michael Sebulski Culinary Manager
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